Martial Arts has always been a big part of David and Lisa Goron's life.  The Gorons searched for a way to share their passion of Karate and make a difference.  In 2005, Karate Kids of America was Founded. Karate Kids of America is a Mobile Martial Arts Program that provides Karate for kids at their school.  We currently provide classes to over 20 schools valley wide.

About Us


Mr. and Mrs. Goron's son Madduxx breaking a board with a Flying Side Kick for his Black Belt test.

In October, 2014 All-Star Karate opened their doors to the public!  All-Star Karate is truly designed to accommodate the modern family.  All-Star Karate provides a safe, clean, family- friendly environment .  The school is an open, airy training facility with plenty of natural lighting.  We have 4 restrooms, 2 adult  and 2 child size.  We also offer an outdoor playground designed with safety in mind.  Our indoor Party Zone can be used for any kind of celebration including Birthdays and Belt Graduations.  An area is designated, safely away from the mat, where children can enjoy the fish tank, look at books or just get their homework done.  We want to bring Karate into the 21st Century by providing a country club environment for our families to enjoy their Martial Arts experience.