Mike Swain 

Olympic Gold Medalist in Judo

Benny "The Jet" Urquidez

World Champion Kickboxer

​Jason David Frank 

 Green  Power Ranger

Ernie Ryes Jr.

  "Keno" on Ninja Turtles

 Stunt Double for Donatello

Bill "Super Foot" Wallace

World Professional

Kickboxing Champion

Mr. Goron is a dynamic, energetic Martial Arts Instructor.  He is well known in the community to his little Ninjas as Karate Dave. Some call him the "Kid Whisperer" for his amazing ability to communicate effectively with kids of all ages.

Mr. Goron is not just amazing with kids, he is a highly skilled Martial Artist as well.  He is a 4th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo.  He also holds Black Belts in several other Karate styles. Mr. Goron is an AZ State Tae Kwon Do Champion and a 3 time recipient of the Instructor of the Year Award.

Mr. Goron helps our community by sponsoring and participating in charitable events around the valley.  Chuck Norris sponsored a nation-wide fundraiser called " Kick Drugs Out of America". Mr. Goron's school raised enough money to be invited to a special event hosted by Chuck Norris.

David Goron

Billy Blanks

 Tae Bo

Mr. Goron's Teachers have included: