Little Ninjas (White - Orange)

Designed especially for students aged 3-7, from the very shy to the extremely outgoing! We specialize in making sure your child receives the unique instruction they need to succeed. This is a perfect introduction to Martial Arts for your little one with an emphasis on character building and discipline through fun drills. We encourage parental involvement, whether you are holding a pad for them to kick or asking them questions so they can respond with, “Yes Sir!” or “Yes Ma’am!” Students will learn how to deal with a bully or a “bad guy” with our self defense drills. We specialize in building your child's confidence through easy to follow instructions, listening skills and hands-on techniques. 

Little Ninjas (Green & Up) 

Ages 3-6

Your 3-6 year old child's training continues with unlimited weekly classes. We have taught them confidence, now we take that and teach them competence in their punches, kicks, and self defense moves. They will grow stronger and more proficient as they progress towards earning their Black Belt.  We maintain the fun but the classes are more challenging as our students blend the basics into super cool combinations of hand and foot techniques. We also teach them how to escape from various holds a "bad guy" might try to use on them with simple moves that are easily remembered. 

Family (White - Orange) 

Ages 7 & Up

The family that kicks together, sticks together. Come learn Karate together, in a fun, safe, supportive, environment. Fun and straight forward enough for your 7 year old, yet focused and exciting enough to challenge older siblings and yourselves. Learn basic punches, kicks, self defense, as well as character development. Grow stronger physically and mentally . Take charge of your life and be an example for your children to follow. 

Family (Green & Up)

Ages 7 & Up

This is the most fun your family will have while breaking a sweat together. Training now includes unlimited class attendance and one sparring class per week at this level, with our focus on doing your best and trying to improve being more important than winning. In addition to perfecting your punching and kicking techniques, nunchucks and other weapons training begins here. It's a great time to about building your own fighting style.   

Black Belt

Alas, those secrets can only be revealed to you once you become one! Trust us thought, they’re pretty awesome! 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

All Ages 

Learning self defense and grappling skills including throws and take downs. Submissions and position control are the focus here, and we always have our partner's safety in mind. You will quickly see that being taken to the ground in no way means you are losing the fight. We pity the fool that gets within your reach. 

Sports Basics

All Ages 

Open to all, ages three and up! Parents are also welcome to come join in the fun! This class includes drills to help with agility, balance, endurance, fitness, and confidence. Our rotating activities are proven to keep even the most easily distracted on track week after week. Includes drills for footwork, catching, hand-eye coordination, cardio, teamwork, and focus. This class will give you an excellent overview of popular sports and prepare your child for whatever activity comes their way.

Fitness Hero

Ages 13 & Up

High Intensity Interval Training! Get your sweat on to martial arts moves that build endurance and strength while rocking out to music that just makes you want to move! This class is 30 minutes long and designed specially to fit into your busy schedule, but don't let the short time fool you. We pack so much fun and exercise into that ½ hour you'll be seeing results after the first week and want to keep coming back just for the fun. 

Ages 3-6

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